Our Team

Lluís Ardèvol i Oró

  • Regional field geologist / sedimentologist
  • 38 year’s experience in Pyrenean field work
  • 28 year’s experience running field trips
  • Passionate for geology and training

Jon Gutmanis

  • Structural geologist/fractured reservoirs specialist
  • 31 year’s experience in oil consultancy
  • 12 year’s experience as field course instructor
  • Passionate for geology and consultancy

Davinia Díez-Canseco

Davinia completed her doctorate at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid where she helps with the teaching of courses such as ‘Perforation and core description’, ‘GIS and remote sensing’ and ‘Sedimentary environments’. She researches on the sedimentology and ichnology of marginal-marine environments and collaborates with the Research Group of Ichnology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Valentí Turú

Valentí is owner of an Andorran geological company, Igeotest Andorra. Projects have included Variscan mapping, near surface geophysical studies, hydrogeology in porous media and hard rocks, geotechnics, environmental impacts and natural hazards, geoarchaeology and glacial geology. Valentí also promotes science through the Maurice Chevalier Foundation. He’s our expert on the Variscan.

Why with us?

Geoplay Pyrenees Ltd has been carrying out field research and providing field courses for the petroleum industry since 1989.

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Why in the Pyrenees?

The Pyrenees are an Alpine fold-thrust belt extending east to west along the north of the Iberian Peninsula and southern France, formed by the collision of plates during the Late Cretaceous–early Miocene.

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