Health, Safety and Environment

We put at your disposal all the information about Health, Safety and Environment for your trip

Emergency phones

• Medical emergency (general): 112
• Medical emergency (Tremp): 973 652 828
• Hospital (Tremp): 973 652 255
• Police (general): 112
• Police (Tremp): 973 658 800
• Firemen (general): 112
• Firemen (Tremp): 973 650 880
• Firemen (Pobla): 973 680 880

• Please check that you have a medical insurance in the Spanish Kingdom!

• A safety briefing presentation will be given upon arrival in hotel and prior to any field work, and all participants will be provided with the HSE


Field transport and group size

• The number of participants per field course is limited to 12, plus two leaders and the corresponding driver/assistant

• The group travel by minibus and/or 4WD vans with professional drivers, equipped with first aid kits and walkie-talkies


Outcrop selection

• Field observations along road-sides are minimised in our field trips.

• The mountains range in height between 500m and 1500m, and the trips involve some walking and very moderate hiking

• Caves or abandoned mines are not entered. Outcrops in active quarries are used under supervision of the quarry company


Accommodation and food

• Accommodation is based on single occupancy in selected rural hotels where home-made food is provided

• Field lunches are simple, but of quality and based on food of proximity, often organic. Coffee/tea and snacks are available at all times

Please inform in advance of special dietary requirements!


A guide to conduct and safety: the leaders


Field trip staff

• At least one member of the Geoplay staff has had first aid training. A first aid kit is taken along by the staff at all times. A defibrillator is going to be available soon. The town of Tremp has a rescue heliport with a permanent firemen base

• One of the staff remains at the back of the group and will walk at the pace of the slowest participant

• On road sections, there are always two persons, in front and back of the group, slowing down the traffic. If convenient, road police may be asked for support

• The field trip leader has prior permissions to visit private land

• The leader of a field trip is asked to ensure that the spirit of the HSE is fulfilled, and to remind his group of the need for care and consideration at all times



• If weather conditions deteriorate, the leader will adjust the programme to ensure safe conditions at all times. The local weather forecast will be checked at regular intervals and plans will be changed accordingly. High ground or ravines will be avoided if thunderstorms are a possibility. If lightening is seen or thunder heard then the group will make their way back to the vehicles


A guide to conduct and safety: the participants

Safety and the awareness of safety for yourself and the other members of the group is of prime importance during field trips. While on Geoplay sponsored trips you are expected to adhere to the outlined safety standards


Arrival in Barcelona

• Watch out for pickpockets in the airport and downtown Barcelona (specially Les Rambles street and surroundings). The field locations are safe but we recommend you always carry your personal documents

• Provide field trip leader before the start of the trip with your emergency contact name and telephone number. Inform trip leader about any medical condition that could constitute a risk during the trip



• In April-May temperatures may be still cold, specially at night and early morning. In June and September temperatures are reasonably warm, therefore adequate light clothing is recommended. In the unlikely event of rain or colder weather, a rain jacket should suffice. Thicker clothing are useful in October

• Long trousers are more appropriate in areas of rough vegetation, though shorts may be worn depending on preference

• Walking and moderate hiking requires robust boots with non-slip soles

• Hat, sun glasses and sunscreen lotion are a must. Shops are scarce in the area

• Always carry a bottle of mineral water for your personal use during field work

• Please supply your own notebook, pencil, colour pencils and hand lens. Binoculars are provided


Field work

• Participants should always remain close to the group. This is particularly important over difficult terrain, where there might be a tendency for parties to become dispersed


Cliff faces

• Take care when examining cliff faces composed of unconsolidated rocks. Please wear provided helmets! and stout boots

• Minimise the time spent at the base of cliff sections. Examine the section, collect samples and move away from the cliff face to write notes and hold any discussions



• Don’t take risks on insecure cliffs or rock faces. Take care not to dislodge rock, since other people may be below

• When hiking on scree a safe distance must be kept from each other. Beware of rocks dislodged by people walking along cliff paths

• Do not stand on top of unconsolidated rock faces. Do not climb on rock faces

Road sections

• Special attention must be paid when observing along road-sides, although road stops are minimum in Geoplay trips. Please wear provided safety reflective vests!. On roads, always walk against the flow of traffic

• Don’t litter roads with rock fragments which might cause injury to livestock, or be ahazard to pedestrians or vehicles



• Poisonous animals are not a major problem in the Pyrenees, as Lluís may testify after more than 30 years of field work. Just check prior picking loose rocks and touching hidden rock surfaces

• Avoid undue disturbance to wildlife. Plants and animals may inadvertently be displaced or destroyed by careless actions./p>


• Hammer is not strictly necessary as rock hammering is not authorised at some outcrops. Anyway, hammering of rocks should be kept to a minimum, observe and record but do not hammer indiscriminately

• Wear safety glasses when hammering and check that no other people are in the vicinity


Collecting / Painting

• Fossil collecting is forbidden in Catalonia without the corresponding permit

• Avoid removing in situ fossils, rocks or minerals

• Don’t disfigure rock surfaces or symbols with personal inscriptions. A large European oil company is “famous” in the area because several of its staff names written on the rock surface in the classical Isona road-cut section

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