Why to take a course with us?

Geoplay Pyrenees Ltd has been carrying out field research and providing field courses for the petroleum industry since 1989.

The company is based in Tremp in the centre of the south-central Pyrenees, probably the best geological lab in the world. Over the years more than 1000 delegates from about 60 oil companies have attended Geoplay courses. Shell is our main client, for whom we organise two technical courses a year.

Geoplay’s research branch, Catalonia Geological Research, encompasses a consortium of university students and professional geologists. Staff are passionate about the geology of the region. Company policy is to use eco-friendly and/or recyclable products and locally sourced food. Catalan culture is an important part of all Geoplay trips in the Pyrenees.

Jon Gutmanis is a consultant geologist who’s been working many years as Chief Geologist for GeoScience Ltd, an independent Earth-science consultancy with offices in the UK and Australia, founded in 1985. The company has expertise in the characterisation and geomechanics of fractured reservoirs, reservoir appraisal, reservoir sedimentology and diagenesis, and applied drilling engineering. Jon has work experience in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, notably Iraqi Kurdistan and the Gulf States.

Geoplay and Jon Gutmanis have joined forces to offer a unique program of personalised courses that meet market needs. Health, safety and respect for the environment are our priority on all fieldtrips.

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