Sedimentary evolution, tectonics and play-concept development

Cost: On request
Dates 2018: On request
Instructors: Lluís Ardèvol i Oró and Jon Gutmanis
Assistants: Marc Tudela and Davinia Díez-Canseco
Location: south-central Pyrenees, the course begins and ends in Barcelona
Meeting point: Barcelona downtown (Cullera de Boix bar, 26 Ronda Sant Pere)
Trip end: Airport / meeting point
Level: basic / skill
Delivery: field trip
Physical demand: average hike (maximum 1h walk per day) with some hills
Contents: The trip combines the analysis of the different play concepts present in the Pyrenees with the study of the sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the chain, from Palaeozoic basement, Triassic red beds and salt to Tertiary well-known foreland basins, through Jurassic and Cretaceous carbonate platforms dominated by extension and salt tectonics. Please ask us for more info.