Field examples of seismic-scale structures and associated potential reservoirs


Cost: € 1,000
Dates: October 9-13, 2017 (closing date September 25)
Instructors: Jon Gutmanis and Lluís Ardèvol i Oró
Assistants: Marc Tudela and Davinia Díez-Canseco
Location: south-central Pyrenees, the course begins and ends in Barcelona
Meeting point: October 9, 14:00h/after lunch: Barcelona downtown (Cullera de Boix bar, 26 Ronda Sant Pere)
Trip end: October 13, 17:30h (airport) / 18:00h (meeting point)
Level: basic / skill
Delivery: field trip + 1h daily classroom
Physical demand: average hike (maximum 1h walk per day) with some hills
Contents: This field trip combines the concepts of structural geology for reservoir characterisation with the study of relevant field-scale structures (info currently in preparation)
Please ask us for more info.