G E O L O G Y    F I E L D    T R I P S


         F O R    O I L    I N D U S T R Y

· Southern Pyrenees (start and end in Barcelona)

· 40 years of experience in research and training 

· Specialising in the design of tailored private trips 

Information: Lluís Ardèvol

lluis@geoplay.cat    +34 658 954 650

Jon Gutmanis

Consultant structural geologist expert in fractured reservoir characterisation, with experience of 40 years as chief geologist at GeoScience Ltd.

Lluís Ardèvol

Pyrenean geologist expert in clastic sedimentology, with experience of 40 years as researcher and field trip leader.

Jaume Vergés

Chief geologist at the Institute of Earth Sciences (Jaume Almera, Barcelona). Expert on the structure of worldwide Alpine fold-thrust belts.

Sara Parra

Junior geologist with interest in clastic sedimentology and basin analysis.

· HSE is our priority 

· Team-building facilities